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If you love playing blackjack then you are definitely not alone. It is one of casino players most favourite games, and it is often the first game that people learn how to play. Blackjack has been prevalent in our society for hundreds of years now and people enjoy playing it in brick and mortar casinos. Younger players were introduced to the game through online casinos, and this meant a new surge in popularity for blackjack.

If you are a beginner player then this is the article you need to read. We aim to cover everything that you need to know about playing blackjack games. We explain the rules to blackjack, trace the origins of the game, examine some strategies that you can use and advise you on how to improve your winning odds. If you feel ready to play blackjack right away then choose Pay By Mobile Casino for the best card game experience. However we would strongly suggest that you keep reading to feel more confident in your blackjack abilities.

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How do you play blackjack?

Classic Blackjack rules are super simple and this is what attracts thousands of new players to the game every day. In this section we are going to cover the basic strategy. Online blackjack uses eight decks of cards, and the dealer must hit if they possess less than 16 or on something called a soft 17. The aim of the game is to get as close to the value of 21 as possible without going bust, as this is how you win. The game will begin when the dealer deals out two cards to both themselves and the player. One of the dealer's cards will be facing upwards so that you can see the value, and from this you will choose to stand or hit. Whoever loses will go bust.

What are the basic rules of blackjack?

Let's cover some of the basic blackjack terms that it's essential you learn. Hard or soft refers to the Ace card being equal to either the value of 1 or 11. Your hand will be soft if the value of the Ace could be high or low, while a hard hand is where the Ace card meets the value of one. The term push means that if the player and the dealer have the same total then your bet will be paid back to you. Hit or stand refers to either asking for another card or standing to stick with the cards that you already have. Doubling down is something that you can only do from your first two cards, you draw another card and then you have to stand no matter the result.

So what's an Insurance bet? It is basically the player betting on if they think the dealer has a blackjack hand. If you beat the dealer then you will win a payout of 2:1. A blackjack 21 means that you are holding 10 and Ace cards and this will pay you 3:2. You can split your cards if they are the same and this will create two separate hands. We only recommend this for experienced players though, as two hands can be difficult to keep track of. Finally, if you surrender then you can attempt to save some of your original bet by surrendering your cards and halving your bet. Make sure that you sign up to the online casino Pay By Mobile Casino to play this card game.

Side bets in blackjack

There are other side bets that you can make in blackjack games, and we will cover them here.

Perfect Pairs: this bet relates to the first two cards you're dealt being matching. If you land a mixed pair your payout will be 6:1. A colour pair will pay you 12:1 and the prefect pair will pay you the highest payout of 25:1.

21+3: this side bet refers to the first cards you are dealt as well, and it pertains to your first two cards and the dealer's card that is lying face up. You will land a win with a flush with three cards of a matching suit, a straight which is three cards in number order and three of a kind where the cards make up the same suit or number. A straight flush is three numbers in order of the matching suit and there’s a suited three of a kind which is self-explanatory. The minimum payout is 5:1 for a flush and up to 100:1 for landing a suited three of a kind win.

What is the history of blackjack?

The history of blackjack is not clear cut, and many historians and researchers debate the origins of the game. However we find that this just makes the game even more interesting! It is thought that the game can be traced back to Roman times, as Roman soldiers would play a version of the game with their shields, wooden blocks or whatever they could get their hands on. They would then paint numbers on them as opposed to using cards.

Blackjack went on its travels to North America, and it moved to this country thanks to French colonists. This was in the 18the century; however the game would not become widespread until the 19th century in France. This is where the rules for blackjack were defined. However its popularity was also rising in America during the 19th century, as it was legalised and regulated in gambling halls. Of course, the rules aren't the ones we play with today, as there were differences such as the dealer being allowed to double but the players were not.

This is where a fun story comes into play. It is the story of Eleanor Dumont, and she was a French woman who moved to America during the 19th century. She had a reputation as being a highly skilled blackjack dealer and she travelled around America to play blackjack. She finally settled in California and decided to open her very own gambling hall. She called it Vingt-et-Un, and it was one of the most popular casinos ever all due to Eleanor herself. Casino players would flock to her casino to try their luck against her!

Today we have the freedom to play blackjack wherever we want. We can opt to play it in casinos, pubs, clubs or online. Playing online blackjack is great, as you can do it from the comfort of your own home and play at a time that suits your busy schedule. We recommend that you play blackjack today over at Play By Mobile Casino.

Is blackjack the same as 21?

This is an extremely common question from players, especially beginners, and it relates to the history of blackjack. Blackjack and 21 are the same game, as when it was played in Spain, 21 was translated into Vingt-Un. It makes things simple, as the aim is to get to the value of 21. So if you hear casino players or dealers referring to the game 21 you can safely assume that they are talking about blackjack.

Is blackjack a game of skill or chance?

Unlike other casino games, such as Baccarat, blackjack is largely considered to be a game of skill. Of course, luck and chance cannot be discounted when you consider the fact that you can't control the value of the cards you are dealt. Ultimately it is down to the player to make important decisions, and their decisions directly affect the outcome of the game. Strategies such as card counting can sometimes allow players to increase their mathematical advantage against the casino, as well as the house edge. Taking time to learn blackjack skills and strategies can really help players to win blackjack games.

Fun facts about blackjack

Due to blackjack being around for hundreds of years now, it means that there's a whole wealth of information about it out there. This includes some fun facts surrounding the game. Here are our favourite facts:

Napoleon loved playing blackjack: yes, you read this correctly - Napoleon Bonaparte became a huge fan of the game. In fact, he remained a fan for years and years, especially when blackjack was at the height of its popularity in France. When he was exiled he passed the time by playing blackjack and he really honed his skills. Before this he actually banned any casino card games, as he considered them to be a distraction for his soldiers when their sole focus should be on winning battles.

A 31% chance of winning: it is believed that there's a 31% chance of landing a blackjack win when the dealer has an ace as their face up card. This is a fun fact as it can give you some guidance as to what to do next! This means that you may want to consider not doubling down if this happens while you play.

Blackjack games are universal: we have already covered the history of blackjack, but you might not know that it is played all over the world! In fact, it is played in over 140 countries all over the world - and this just goes to show how truly beloved it is.

Blackjack cheaters: casino owners are extremely shrewd and stand for no nonsense from their players. Online casinos also have measures in place to prevent players from cheating, however here we are going to be referring to land-based casinos. They have something called a discard tray and they can be tall or short trays, and some will have walls and others won't. Some blackjack cheats will use invisible ink to mark the cards being use and this means that dealers won't be able to see. However you can examine the marked cards with a special lens and this will resolve the cheating antics. This can result in players being removed and banned from casinos, So it is just not worth trying to cheat the casino. Also, you won't be a real winner, so where is the fun in that?

51 long blackjack hours: a casino dealer in Malta broke the world record for the longest time dealing blackjack. He dealt for 5 hours with no breaks! This man is called Stephen de Raffaele and he made it into the Guinness Book of World Records on the 27th of August in 2001. Of course, he would go for bathroom breaks and to eat/drink but he was only permitted fifteen minutes very eight hours!

Celebrity players: you are in good company in loving playing blackjack casino games. There are countless celebrities that enjoy it, such as the Oscar winning actor Ben Affleck. He commits himself to learning and memorising many different strategies, and we would consider himself somewhat of an expert at it by now! In fact, he was removed from the table in Las Vegas after winning too much! Paris Hilton is an unlikely blackjack player, but she loves playing a game or two when she is in Vegas. She won a massive $50,000 from blackjack in one session, so maybe that's why she is so fond of it.

Are there blackjack strategies?

So what blackjack strategies are there? Keep reading to discover what types of blackjack strategy you can use.

Card counting: if you want to implement this blackjack strategy then you should play live blackjack. Card counting helps you keep track of the low and high cards that are in the shoe, and this helps you to make an educated guess as to what the next card value will be. Hi-Lo is the most popular form of card counting, you will add a point for every low card you see and get rid of a point every time that you clock a high value card. Not all casinos allow this strategy though, so keep this in mind before you invest your time into it.

Doubling down: knowing when to double down in blackjack is important, as you only receive one card more. Our best advice is to double down when your hand is at the value of ten or eleven.

Splitting your cards: you can double your bet by wagering more with this bet, however most of the time it is best not to risk it. However there are times when splitting would be beneficial, if you can split two Ace cards then you will have better odds of getting close to the value of 21.

Insurance bets: many blackjack players avoid the insurance bet due to the low house edge of the game. Typically the best result that it can give you is to breakeven. However if you haven't been dealt Ace cards of 10 cards then it could be a good idea to try it.

You can try out the strategy that you think will work for you over at Pay By Mobile Casino. You never know, you could manage to win big by playing blackjack today.

How to win at blackjack

This is the answer that all blackjack players are craving, so make sure you stay tuned for our top ten winning tips.

Choose your casino wisely: this is the first step before playing any casino game, including online slot machines. Finding a good online casino is easy, but it is important that you put a serious amount of time into the research. You should look up players reviews and seek out chat rooms, as it is likely that players will be honest with their gaming experiences. Even better is seeking out the players that primarily play blackjack, as this way you can anticipate the blackjack gaming experience you will be getting into. Another factor that makes a good casino is their technological safety measures in place, as this is what keeps your data private and secure. We suggest that you sign up to Pay By Mobile Casino, as they are perfect for keeping all of your information private, they have all of their licenses up to date and great reviews from casino players. What's more, they have a ton of other card games that you can play once you have got your blackjack fix.

Play with bonuses: if you can find a casino that will offer you bonuses for signing up or playing blackjack then great! This is a good way of maximising your chances of winning, and it can make you feel as if you are winning something for nothing - this is always a fantastic feeling in gambling.

Control your betting: there is nothing worse than feeling like you have lost control of your game. Set out a plan before you begin your blackjack gaming session as this will allow you to feel a measure of control. For example, you could set yourself a gambling time limit and maximum bet or gaming budget. We don't just recommend this for blackjack, but for every other gambling session you walk into. This also applies to knowing when you need to walk away from blackjack gambling. This is where responsible gaming comes into play and you can give yourself a break. Self-exclusion is always a good idea if you find yourself betting more than you can afford or chasing your losses. All responsible casinos should have measures in place to help their players with this issue, and the online casino Pay By Mobile Casino offer these important measures.

Learn the rules: there are many different variants of blackjack, and some of the rules vary slightly. It is important that you understand the differences between the games, as otherwise you could find yourself losing just simply by not successfully doing your research beforehand. This can be extremely frustrating for players, so always check that you are playing the game you think you are before you begin. This tip is so simple yet so important.

Play for free: we suggest that blackjack beginners always try and play the game for free before you use your real money. Playing blackjack for free will give you the confidence you need to try out different strategies and variants of the game.

Use a strategy card: we always recommend using a strategy card during your first few games of blackjack. You can find many different cards on the internet, just do a simple Google search and chose the one that will help you the most. The great thing about them is that they show all of the outcomes and how you should bet.

Card counting: we have previously mentioned card counting as a strategy, however we would not recommend it to beginners. It can be tricky, especially if you are playing with two hands. What's more, some online casinos ban card counting as they view it as a form of cheating. This means that they could ban and report you, and this will prevent you from playing the game you love.

Make blackjack friends: we suggest that you sign up to a casino chatroom and make friends with other players. They can share their pearls of wisdom with you and this can give you confidence. What's more, even if you consider yourself a blackjack expert you might discover something new.

Side bets: we would advise beginners to stay away from making any side bets before you have mastered the basic rules of the game. After all, your main aim is to beat the dealer so just focus on that to begin with and work up to other strategies.

Judge the game: judging the blackjack game as you go may seem like an obvious tip, but it can really help boost your winning chances. For example, you could increase the size of you bet if you have been winning at your rounds of blackjack. This works the other way as well, as decreasing the size of your stake is important if you have been losing many rounds of blackjack.

We hope that you memorise these tips and that they will increase your winning chances at blackjack. The game is waiting for you right now over at Pay By Mobile Casino.

Last Notes on Blackjack

That is our complete guide to playing blackjack! We have no doubt that it will remain in land based casinos and online casinos for hundreds and hundreds of years to come. It is a favourite among casino gamers as the rules are extremely easy to learn if you discount all of the different strategies. It is one of the more glamorous casino games out there on the market, and it is beloved by many celebrities. The origins of the game are debated still to this day, but this doesn't make the history behind it any less interesting to research. Despite the fact that blackjack has been played in brick and mortar casinos for hundreds of years, we enjoy the freedom that online casinos bring. It gives blackjack games a faster pace feel and you can even choose to play it while you are out and about. It can really make your daily commute much more interesting!

As we have covered, there are many different strategies that you can implement to try and increase your winning chances. We would recommend that blackjack beginners just get a feel for the game before they try making any side bets, as this is where gamers can find things a bit confusing. We would advise players of all levels to avoid the card counting strategy, as some online casinos outright ban it, and this can result in you being cut off. Another key tip is to only bet what you can afford to help you stay in control of your blackjack game. This will keep your gaming experience fun and this is what gambling is supposed to be all about!

So what are you waiting for? You can sign up to the online casino Pay By Mobile Casino today and begin your blackjack adventure. They also offer their players a selection of other card games, as well as free slot games in a range of different themes and bonuses. This means that you are bound to discover something that you will enjoy over there.