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How Do Online Casinos Stop Card Counting?

Card counting is a strategy that some players use in an attempt to try and gain an edge over the house in games like blackjack.

However, online casinos have come up with several mechanisms to prevent card counting and maintain a fair gaming environment. Here's how they do it.

What Is Card Counting?

Card counting is a tactic in which players keep track of the cards dealt in a game, particularly blackjack, to estimate which cards are likely to be dealt next.

It's a strategy that can require a great deal of practice, concentration, and quick calculations. The idea is that by knowing what cards have already been dealt, the player can make more informed decisions on whether to hit, stand, double down, or split their hand.

Can Casinos Tell If You’re Counting Cards?

Yes, both physical and online casinos have measures in place to detect card counting. In physical casinos, they might look for certain behaviours or patterns, such as varying bet sizes, seriousness, or even lack of social interaction. They may also employ expert counters to observe players from the security panel. In some cases, casinos may use facial recognition software to identify known card counters.

In online casinos, detecting card counters can be a bit more challenging due to the lack of physical presence. However, they have their ways. They could examine betting patterns and use advanced software that can detect suspicious activities associated with card counting.

How Do Online Casinos Deal With Card Counting?

Online casinos have a few strategies to combat card counting. One of them is through the use of a Random Number Generator (RNG), which ensures that the outcome of every game is always random. This is particularly useful in online blackjack games where the deck is shuffled after each hand almost instantly, making it almost impossible for card counters to track the cards.

Another method is through the use of Continuous Shuffling Machines (CSMs). These automatic shufflers and dealing shoes shuffle the cards after every few rounds, potentially preventing players from counting cards between shuffles.

Online casinos might also use multiple decks in a shoe, making card counting more complex. In some cases, another dealer is often shuffling cards in the background for the next multi-deck shoe so it can be switched out quickly.

Last but not least, online casinos may ban players found to be card counting. This can also work as a deterrent to other potential card counters.

Does Card Counting Work Online?

Card counting is extremely difficult to pull off in online casinos. The use of RNGs and CSMs, along with other measures like regularly reshuffling the deck, make it almost impossible for players to count cards effectively.

Furthermore, some online blackjack games can be slower than their physical counterparts. This is because individual players click to indicate their decisions, which can sometimes slow down the process. As a result, fewer rounds are played per hour, potentially making card counting less effective.

Card Counting In Online Blackjack: How Casinos Prevent It

In online blackjack, casinos take various measures to try and prevent card counting. As mentioned before, one of the main measures used is continuous shuffling. This ensures that the cards are shuffled so quickly, it's almost impossible to count cards.

In addition to this, live blackjack games can use multiple decks in a shoe, and the dealer doesn't use the full shoe before switching to another. The continuous shuffling of the deck and the use of multiple decks can make card counting difficult.

Does Card Counting Work In Poker or Baccarat?

Card counting is most commonly associated with blackjack. It's not typically used in poker or baccarat, as these games involve different strategies and card distributions. In poker, for example, the strategy revolves more around bluffing and reading other players, while in baccarat, the outcome is largely based on chance.

Does Card Counting Still Work In General?

Card counting may potentially still work in physical casinos under certain conditions, but it's becoming increasingly difficult due to the measures taken by casinos to prevent it. Moreover, card counting is a skill that requires a lot of practice and mental agility.

In online casinos, however, card counting is virtually ineffective due to the use of RNGs, CSMs, and other procedures designed to ensure a fair and random game.

What Happens If You Get Caught Counting Cards?

If a casino detects a player counting cards, they may be banned from the casino's services. In physical casinos, the player might be asked to leave, and in online casinos, their account may be restricted or removed. In some cases, if the card counter is persistent, the casino might press fraud/theft charges, leading to possible legal repercussions.

In conclusion, while card counting can potentially give players an edge in physical casinos, it's virtually ineffective in online casinos due to the measures taken to ensure fair and random gameplay. 

Therefore, players are better off focusing on trying to improve their understanding of the game and developing effective strategies rather than attempting to count cards.

Please play responsibly.

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