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New Online Slots to Play

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Online slot games are all the rage at the moment and hundreds and thousands of online gamers are enjoying the age old format in it’s glorious modern form. From an online slot you can expect the chance to play various themes, combining interesting symbols and characters to create your winning combinations. And the jackpots just seem to grow and grow, too, meaning there is more money to be won from playing casino slots and mobile slots than ever before seen.

In this handy guide to some new online slots, we will be highlighting some of the best new slots to grace mobile slot casinos and online casinos alike in recent times, creating a list of some excellent gambling titles to play and hopefully win on. We will be spanning across various themes throughout list, touching on different game styles and formats as we create a well rounded selection of top slots.

But first off, perhaps we should clarify what an online slot is and what you might be looking out for in a pay by mobile casino. Below we have a few facts about online slots and also a few factors which may contribute to whether or not you like the service on offer.

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What are online slots?

Online slots are of course the modern version of the old school fruit machine that once adorned pubs, clubs and chip shops up and down the country. Now existing online and in style, too, these classic gambling games have really found a natural home online and have been thriving ever since. The chance for developers to use more detailed software, better graphics and more features has really helped the modern online slot game excel in recent years and today, the standard of mobile slots and particularly pay by mobile slots has never been better. Deposit by phone casino and start spinning today!

Bonus features in new online slots

When it comes to factors that make up a good slot game, many members of the online gambling community will likely point straight towards bonus features and extra features that such games can offer. While some people may say the more the merrier, the kind of bonus feature that a slot game offers is the most important thing. There are many kinds of bonus feature that a casino slot can offer and these include several advantages such as free spins or free games, pick me features in which players can win an instant prize at random, mini games that take the player away from the main set of reels or perhaps even a progressive jackpot.

These different features could be triggered in various ways but one of the most common ways that a bonus feature can begin is by the landing of special symbols on the reels or on certain pay lines. These features are usually known as wilds or scatters and landing them will be imperative to unlocking these extra features. For example, the rules of a game might have it so that landing three scatters on a pay line will trigger a free spins round in which the player can spin the reels at no extra cost.

Great themes in Modern Slots On line

Something else to look out for in new online slot games is the use of some really great themes. The diversity of slot games on offer is one of the most exciting parts of the genre in many ways, with players able to end up in distant lands or elaborate worlds very quickly and very easily. As graphics for online casino slots seem to get better and better and better, the themes get more detailed, too.

When you pick theme that you like the look of, you are more likely to find the game more engaging. And there are so many online slot machine themes to pick from. You have classic slots that use the old school fruit machine style, or perhaps a Luck o’ the Irish or Ancient Egypt theme, as well as more obscure and weird and wonderful slots that could take you into outer space or into deep sea waters.

The choice truly is yours when it comes to free slot games and picking just one to play be one of the biggest challenges that a player faces.

Play 2020 Slots on your Mobile

In this modern landscape of online casino, players want to see slot games and other online casino games that are playable by mobile phone. Phone casino has been on the rise since the beginning of the 2010s as smartphone users have risen, too. What is great is that mobile slots are perfectly tuned for mobile use, with online slot games being so user friendly on the handheld platform that is your mobile.

The user friendly nature of mobile slots does not stop with playing either, as with pay by mobile options available at the likes of Pay By Mobile casino, players can easily deposit, withdraw and win all from their mobile device. Pay by mobile gaming is one of the best things to happen to online casino in recent years and truly, the growth in smartphone users has had an amazing affect on online slots.

New slot games developers

The games are developed by some esteemed brands in online casino. And yet, in many ways, these casino game developers are some of the most unsung heroes in online casino in many ways. Brands like Microgaming have innovating casino games since the early days of online casino and the success of online slots is something that they have to take some credit for.

You also have brands like Yggdrasil, NetEnt and Leander Games who, with great graphics and appreciation for the history of this gambling style, are creating amazing new online slots for players to enjoy and hopefully win on. Below we have some of the best new online slots, all of which are available via Pay By Mobile.

Great Rhino Megaways

One of the best new slots available, Great Rhino Megaways is a fine example of a modern online slot game that uses a unique layout or gameplay style. The Megaways format allows for endless pay lines, making up some many different ways to win in each and every game that uses this style.

Great Rhino Megaways is set in the African wilderness with some amazing animals on display. Made by Pragmatic Play, there are over 200,000 ways to win here and a jackpot that reaches 20,000, too. Some huge numbers equate to some huge fun and adventure in a slot game is also packed with some lovely bonus features. Free spins and multipliers a plenty.


Here is a slot game that takes you into the deep blue sea to explore the amazing lost city of Atlantis. Made by Red Tiger Gaming, as ever, this developer has delivered some superb graphics and really high levels of animations.

One of the best looking new slot games available at Pay By Mobile, Atlantis uses 5 reels and 30 pay lines to make up it’s gameplay. There are also a couple of bonus rounds to work with, too that include the chance to win some very useful and effective free spins. Known as Gold Spins, every win landed during this bonus round will be multiplied by three times.

Dr Reactive Mega Drop

Another really unique slot, you will not have see too many slot games use this style before. A sort of, mad scientist theme games sees Dr Reactive Mega Drop use cascading symbols for a really unique layout. 8 reels in total means there is a lot going on in this casino slot, while lighting bolts and chemicals must be lined up to create wins.

If you get lucky and make a win, expect some decent prizes and even better ones if you happen to land one of the three bonus features available in this game. Dr Reactive Mega Drop has free spins on offer and multipliers, too, making for a game that keeps you on your toes throughout. Available to play on mobile as well as tablet and desktop, this is a very accessible game and once you get to know it, it is not as complicated as it first appears.

Robin Hood’s Wild Forest

We end with a great theme here as Robin Hood’s Wild Forest, of course, uses the iconic character that is Robin Hood to create a slot game in this theme. The graphics of this title really do the theme justice and as you spin the reels with their theme relevant symbols, you get deeper and deeper into the narrative that has been set out for you here.

Another game that is available on all platforms, there are many ways to play Robin Hood’s Wild Forest and many ways to win on it, too, creating a well rounded slot game that many are already enjoying. With wild symbols playing a key role in the otherwise quite simple gameplay, the game is accessible to all and there is the chance for some really decent sized wins, too. The aim is to steal from the rich and give to the poor, after all.