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Pay by Phone Casino Boku

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Pay by phone casinos are seriously gaining widespread attention across the iGaming landscape, and a couple of factors are responsible. First, depositing money via credit/debit cards has become so big a hassle to some players who encounter difficulties completing them. As an alternative, players are beginning to prefer pay by phone casinos over other casinos offering limited payment options.

Maybe you’ve played at some casinos and found that they have an option for pay by phone. And in some other casinos you’ve come across Boku as one of the payment methods and you haven’t tried it yet. Well, this article would walk you through pay by phone casino Boku, and how you can start using it.

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What is pay by phone casino Boku?

Pay by phone is a method by which you fund your pay by mobile casino sites account through your mobile phone. It works via mobile phones (texts) after having expressed your approval of it on the casino site. This is an alternative to depositing with your debit/credit cards or through instant transfer or anything directly relating to your bank account.  

The good thing about the concept of pay by phone is that it’s regulated in the UK by Payforit. The Payforit Scheme works with the Phone-paid Services Authority (PSA) to regulate pay by phone casino payments in the UK.

What is Boku and how does it work?

Boku is a publicly listed company is the UK providing pay by phone solutions to pay by phone casino uk. Boku helps casino players and operators transact in an effortless manner with the help of an essential property: mobile phones. There is no need for the mobile phone to be a smartphone; just a UK-registered line will suffice and can allow you to access free spin games.

So, as a pay by phone initiative, the Boku platform levies charges on your credit per month if you’re on contract. That is, if you’re on contract, upon making payments, it adds to your monthly phone bill. But if you are on pay as you go, the charge is levied and withdrawn from your credit immediately.

However, you cannot withdraw your money via Boku since it’s a pay by phone initiative. For withdrawal purposes, you can make use of other payment options such as Paypal, bank transfer, Skrill, NetEller, EcoPays, among others. Currently, the maximum single deposit on Boku is 10 pounds, while the daily maximum deposit is 30 pounds.

Whether contract or pay as you go, the essential point is that you fund your casino account through mobile phone credits. On the whole, the casino is fixed up by the player’s mobile network provider after obtaining the charge.

How to deposit money via Boku

Since your phone is your armour, you have to take the following steps to deposit money through Boku:

  • Visit the casino site and select your preferred game;
  • Click on the payment link or visit the payments page on the site;
  • Select ‘Pay by Phone’ as your payment option;
  • Select Boku as your preferred pay by phone option;
  • Your phone number will be requested; provide it;
  • A text message will be sent to your line asking for your confirmation of the deposit;
  • Reply the text with ‘Yes’ or ‘Y’, and the deposit value would be levied on your monthly bill or on your credit.

Why Boku is a great option for depositing funds in a casino

Pay by phone is taking the industry to a whole new level where payments are being made without breaking a sweat. This suffices to state that the convenience in using Boku to make payments is really next to none. Apart from the convenience involved, you can also keep up with your deposits on your downloaded service provider’s app.

Through the app, you can ascertain how much and how exactly you have spent money via Boku. As a result, you can easily decide when to stop depositing money after losing so much. With the regulatory efforts of the Payforit Scheme, the maximum 30 pounds daily deposit limit will help curtail problem gambling tendencies.

As much as players can deposit huge amounts via other methods, Boku as a payment option, will be curbing it. Hence, it could be hard for players to bet without discretion. This is because the service providers could also detect problem gamblers via Boku and report to the necessary authorities.


If you haven’t started making payments via your phone, you might be missing out on something big. Boku provides a platform for making casino deposits as seamless as possible and helps curtail excessive deposits too. You’d be better off giving it a try today.