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The year is 2020, and the UK gambling industry is stronger than ever. Play slot games without a deposit in particular are attracting more and more new players, but the likes of bingo, roulette, blackjack and other online casino games are raking in money too.

And more players means more online casino sites, too. Now, there are hundreds, if not thousands of online casino sites to choose from and they are all coming up with their own unique bonus features, so it’s up to you to get the best one.

Although, it’s not quite as simple as it first appears…. because there are so many different different bonus promotions out there, it’s hard to find which ones to go for. Sometimes, online casino sites will almost make things deliberately confusing in order to make their bonus promotions appear better than it really is, but we’re going to unmask all of that for you.

That’s why we’re talking to you today about the pros and cons of free spins no deposit bonus promotions, and touching on some other common bonus promotions for new players, so that you can make the right choice without getting bogged down with it all. That way, you can simply start playing on the slots with the right welcome bonus for you under your wing, without having to spend too long finding promotions.

And now that you have that bonus, you’re going to want to find which slots and bingo to play, right? Sure, we’ve all played slots and bingo before but because there are so many out there (thousands, in fact), lots of punters are missing out on the best ones. So, later on, we’re going to recommend you some of the best slot games to play from throughout time, based on a combination of different factors.

Anyhow, without further ado, let’s take a look at free spins no deposit slots and bingo promotions.

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What are Free Spins No Deposit?

Easily the most common form of bonus promotion for new players is classic free spins. It looks attractive and as a new customer, it’s instantly appealing to have access to free spins that come for free. Sometimes, you will see ‘deposit required’ free spins, but there is a growing tendency for casino sites to offer ‘free spins no deposit’.

With free spins no deposit slots, or free slots no deposit as you may also see it referred to as, you effectively get to use free spins without putting any real cash down right off the bat. At face value, this looks like the best thing ever, and if you find the right casino site to host it, then it can be a really great thing. However, there are a few things that need to be taken into account when deciding which promotion to go for.

Issues with Free Spins No Deposit Slots and Promotions

The phrase ‘too good to be true’ rains through at times when looking at no deposit free spins, as there can sometimes be a few things that take away from the excitement. One of these can be the fact that the amount of free spins on offer just is not what it is cracked up to be.

At times, casino sites will only offer as little as five or 10 free spins. At this point, it is almost not worth signing up for the casino, as the time that it will have taken to get to this point could have been better spent just earning some cash on the slots without a promotion in the first place.

The perhaps more sinister side of no deposit free spins is the fact that sometimes, you will need to play through your winnings a whole bunch of times in order to be able to cash any of them out. Sometimes, this can take absolutely ages and it may even get to the point where you run out of all of your winnings before you can cash out any of them.

No deposit free spins’ worse clause of all is when punters need to put in a deposit retrospectively in order to cash out. Sometimes, they will need to put in as many as two deposits and play through them in order to get your cash out. If you think about it, this just is not free at all so it’s a little bit cheeky of them.

Finally, the winnings made from no deposit free spins often have a time limit as to when you can take out your cash. This can be as little as 3 days, or sometimes 5 days or 7 days. That’s not an awful lot of time to be able to claim your cash, especially if this comes in conjunction with some of the other clauses above. For example, imagine having to play through all your cash winnings in just 3 days!

No Deposit offers for Other Casino Games

Free spins no deposit works for bingo as well sometimes. Even though you obviously cannot technically ‘spin’ on the bingo, you can use said free spins for turns at the bingo. As well as this, with sites that host both slots and bingo, you can usually use your deposit on either of the games. This stretches to the likes of roulette, blackjack and poker, too. So, it’s good to find a casino site that will have all of these games if you’re the type of player who likes to play a bit of this and that.

Are No Deposit Spins Worth it?

At the end of the day, it is really up to you. Some punters will say that, because of the amount of sneaky terms and conditions attached to these bonuses, the free spins are more hassle than they are worth, but other punters live and breathe bonuses, and these guys will tell you that if you play the game right then you can make the most out of the majority of bonuses.

Later on, we’re going to look at some of those terms in a little more detail so that you can decide more clearly which bonuses you would like to engage with and which ones you would prefer to stay clear of, so we’ll leave that part up to you.

Common Free Spins No Deposit Promotions in 2020

As mentioned, more often than not you are either going to have a low amount of free spins if there is no deposit required, or you are going to have a lot of free spins on offer, but a lot of hoops to jump through before you are able to cash in on any real winnings.

Either of these can be lucrative to new players - all we’re trying to say is, make sure that you proceed with some kind of caution.

Other Common Bonus Promotions

Besides free spins no deposit bonuses, there are also some great value for your money real deposit bonuses!

Deposit Required Promotions

On the flip side of a free spins no deposit offer, you have a deposit offer bonus, or deposit required bonus, means that you need to place a deposit in order to activate the bonus that the casino has to offer.

In these bonus promotion, you will need to place a deposit after you register an account. Wagering requirements here can be as little as £10, and you can win all sorts of prizes here. After you register and then place the deposit, there are a couple of different ways in which new players can enjoy their bonus.

One of these is a sort of flat rate bonus where x amount of deposit will earn you x amount of free spins and that’s a guarantee. This is not going to ever give you a whole tonne of free spins, and it usually averages out at about 10 free spins to play on a specific slot game. We would say that this is the more conservative version of the two different types of deposit required new players bonus promotion.

The more exciting of the two, we feel, is being able to spin for a random bonus prize after placing your first deposit. Sure, you may end up with no bonus right here but not only do you get to keep your deposit to play with, you may end up with a really nice bonus on top of this which can be a tremendous amount of free spins if you’re lucky enough to hit the top bonus with one of these promotion.

You will still have other wagering requirements to look at in the terms and conditions of these bonus promotions as well, so check them out before you get stuck in at all times.

What’s the Best Deposit Bonus?

One of the best versions of deposit required bonus promotions is that of casino site Pay by Mobile Casino. At Pay by Mobile Casino, your first deposit has the potential to go quite a long way. All you need to do is register, and then place your first deposit of £10 or more. That will give you access to the Mega Reel.

With the Mega Reel, you’ll spin for a bonus prize. The top prize on offer here is 500 free spins to play on Starburst, one of the best slot games of all time. In fact, Starburst might even be the best slot game of all time, and a lot of people seem to believe that that is the case.

If you do not quite manage to get that 500 free spins top bonus prize, then there are a bunch of other bonus prizes along the way, too. You can get free spins to play on Fluffy Favourites, for example. Developed by Eyecon Gaming, this is awesome, wacky slot about a sheep that gets up to all kinds of crazy activities, and you can earn up to 50 free spins to play with it.

Even if you don’t manage to get a hold of either of these free spins bonus prizes, then there is a £10 Amazon voucher on offer, too. Remember, a prize is not guaranteed with the Mega Reel as is the pick ’n’ mix nature of the bonus, and if you do manage to win a bonus, then there are terms and conditions that need to be met with it before you are able to withdraw any cash.

You can check these out on the Pay by Mobile Casino website if you want to know more, and this is something that we absolutely recommend doing before you join up and make an account.

Matched Deposit Promotion

Another bonus promotion that we see a lot online is that of the matched deposit. You might see it as ‘100% deposit bonus’ or ‘match your deposit bonus’, but it all means the same thing. Basically, when you meet the deposit wagering requirements of the particular bonus, which will probably be quite apparent on the homepage, then you can effectively double your deposit.

So, if you put down £50, as long as that £50 is within the amounts that the website allows, then you will technically have a £100 deposit. Again, the bonus section of that deposit is likely to come with conditions that need to be met before you are able to withdraw the cash winnings that you make from it, but if you read the rules then this can be quite a good promotion.

Promo or Bonus Codes for Free Spins?

One final thought on engaging with a bonus when you join a casino online is that there are times where you will need to enter a promo or bonus code when registering your account. This is usually clear on the homepage but sometimes it can be hidden, and it is crucial in these cases to input said code at some point during the registration process.

There have been many occasions where punters have gone to join a casino online, registered all of their details and made a big deposit, only to be left confused as to why they have not been given access to the bonus that they were expecting. And that is because they did not input the promo code when prompted.

It’s a bit of a frustrating way to do business, and it is almost as if the casino is deliberately trying to catch you out, but it is something that you will need to be wary of when deciding which casino to join online.

Can I Make Real Money with Free Spins?

The bottom line is, yes. Is it guaranteed? No. Online casinos would quite simply go out of business if they threw guaranteed wins at any punters that came there way, so if you ever find yourself wondering ‘is this too good to be true?’ when registering for a new site, then there is a very good chance that it is.

Are Demo Slots the Same as Free Spins?

Let’s be clear, there is a form of free spins that does not require any money at all, has no limit most of the time, and also does not even require an account sometimes and that is demo slots. However, you can’t win any money with them. So in answer to the question - no, they’re completely different, so don’t get them confused.

Demo slots are intended for players to be able to find out what a slot or bingo game feels like before playing it for real money. Any mention of cash within the slot is entirely cosmetic and is intended to replicate what the slot is like when you are actually playing it for cash.

This is a great way for the more precarious of punters to be able to size up a slot game, which is a totally respectable way to play. You can find these demo slots on the sites of the developers who made them sometimes, otherwise they will be on blog sites or the host sites of the casinos themselves.

The vast majority of slots these days can be tried out for free before playing for real money if you look in the right places, so if you are reading this and finding the idea appealing then have a look on Google and we think you will be able to check out most slots if you spend the time to look for them.

Slots that are Worth Playing with Free Spins

So, the fun bit - our favourite slot games to play of all time. These slots, old and new, are carefully curated based on a number of different criteria so we think that these are the ones that will have the best chances for you to like.

We felt that it was important to be transparent about the criteria that we have opted for so that you, the players, can analyse each slot before you sign up to play it in the future. So, we rank slots based on:

  • Gameplay experience
  • RTP
  • Volatility or variance
  • Hit rate
  • Max win or jackpot


NetEnt’s iconic Starburst has earned a cult status and is widely regarded as the best slot game of all time. It’s focal to casino bonuses across the land and everybody seems to want a piece of the action. Why? It’s got amazing bonus features and free spins, and it’s awesome space theme is appealing to pretty much everyone who lays their eyes on it. If you haven’t played Starburst yet, you really do need to.

Centurion Megaways

The original Centurion was also one of the best slots going, and it’s recently been brought back to life by the guys at Inspired Gaming and fitted with the awesome Megaways engine with all of its 117,649 ways to win. Now, it’s packed with even more slot bonuses than ever so there are never ending different ways in which you can earn some cash. It’s highly volatile though, so new players to the world of online slots should proceed with caution.

Samurai Splitz

This one is a bit of a novelty, but we love it anyway. Samurai Splitz boasts the highest amount of free spins in any slot game ever. In fact, you can earn a slightly ridiculous 480 free spins right off the bat, and if that isn’t enough they come with extra multipliers too. Of course, managing to earn that amount of free spins within the game is going to be a little bit difficult but if you do manage to win it, you are going to be laughing.

Mobile Pay and Play

Another cool thing about all of these slots is that you can play them on mobile devices as well as desktop computers or laptops. This means that if you sign up with casino pay by mobile, you can deposit by mobile and play by mobile too!

Plus, when you sign up to play with Pay by Mobile Casino then you can be in with a chance to win up to 500 free spins to play on Starburst which, as we have mentioned just now, is easily one of the best slot games of all time.

Terms & Conditions with Free Spins no Deposit

If there is one thing about free spins no deposit bonus promotion, it’s that there is a tendency for much stricter terms and conditions or wagering requirements that players must go through in order to be able to withdraw any real money. So, we’re going to have a look at some of the clauses that come attached to various types of free spins no deposit offer.

When you register for a new account at any casino online, there are going to be terms. It just depends as to how in depth these terms go, how confusing they are to understand and how much of an impact that they are going to make on whatever bonus you are trying to unlock.

We’re going to have a look at some of the most common terms and conditions that you can expect to see from casinos online, and advise as to which ones to be wary of and which ones to stay clear of altogether. If you’re new to the world of online slots and bingo, then you may be surprised to find out exactly what lengths sites will go to in order to hide the ins and outs of the bonuses that they have on offer. Let’s check some of them out.

Playing Through Your Winnings

One of these terms and conditions that you might find quite regularly is having to play through your winnings a bunch of times before a withdrawal. While this isn’t under the category of wagering requirements as such, it’s still one of the terms and conditions that is the most frustrating as it means that you need to invest much more time and effort to get anywhere.

What playing through your winnings actually means is that, if you win £50, for example, you will have to deposit that £50 real money back into the casino site again, before being able to claim the real money.

In some cases, new players have had to go through their winnings multiple times, and if you have a lot of winnings this can be quite a lengthy experience and leave you at the point where you have gambled everything and then lost it, leaving you back at square one. You may as well have just been wagering your own money at the start at this point.

3/5/7 Day Expiry of Winnings

Again, not wagering requirements as such, but potentially quite frustrating. Having your winnings expire is another way in which casino sites can try to claw back a bit of the money that they may have lost when offering a ‘free spins no deposit’ bonus offer.

A 7 days expiry, for example, would mean that after 7 days of when you register an account with a particular casino online, your winnings will be invalid and that you will no longer be able to claim them, which can be quite stressful. 7 days may not seem like too short an amount of time but it is just one more thing to have to keep on top of when you’re just trying to have some fun in playing the slots and bingo.

When coupled with either of the other clauses in this section, having a 3/5/7 day expiry on your winnings can be especially difficult. Imagine having a 3 day expiry or even a 7 day expiry and having to play through £100 of real money winnings.

Deposit Required

Having a ‘free spins no deposit’ offer available on your casino site and then turning around and telling customers that, after they have played through their free spins, they need to place a real money deposit in order to withdraw their winnings is quite a sneaky thing to do but unfortunately, if it’s written there in the terms and conditions, then casino sites can get away with it.

In some cases, punters have had to put down not one, but two deposits in order to withdraw any money, which is hardly ‘free spins no deposit’. This is the sort of welcome bonus that is worth staying away from altogether as you may as well have just placed a deposit in the first place at this point.

What Protects You

Fortunately, any real scams or any times where the casino has become too deceiving surrounding wagering is protected by the laws that come from the UK Gambling Commission. The UK Gambling Commission is a body set up to monitor the activity of casino - both online casino or brick and mortar casino. It stops them from behaving in ways that are too deceiving to the customer.

If you look in the terms or about section of any casino worth its salt then you should see that it boats the license to operate under the UK Gambling Commission, so make sure that you’re checking this out each time. If it does, you’re good to go ahead and start wagering a deposit there.

This being said, as with the examples of different bonus promotion above, there are times in which casino sites can get away with being pretty cheeky and deceitful so long as they bury their wagering requirements or other terms down into the depths of the terms and conditions. While this is frustrating for new players, it does highlight the importance of staying vigilant when playing in the world of online casino games, so make sure that you do that at all times.

Remember, if you’re ever stuck and cannot decide one way or another as to whether online casino bonuses, offers, or anything involving real cash is legitimate or not, then you really should ask the question. You can either reach out to that online casino sites’ customer support, or the customer support of the UK Gambling Commission, and they will be able to explain to you what the situation for any bonus is and advise as to whether there is anything in there to be sceptical amount or not.

Last Thoughts on Free Spins No Deposit and Other Bonuses

So there we have it, an overview of free spins no deposit bonus offers as well as some of our favourite slot games to play with them. Remember, you are not just restricted to slots when you’re playing online casino, you can play bingo and all sorts.

The best online casino games can be found at Pay by Mobile Casino, and when you place your first deposit there you can win up to 500 free spins to play at Starburst. Remember, there are some terms and conditions that coincide with this and with the other bonus prizes from the Mega Reel too, so make sure that you read these and fully understand what they mean before you begin to play.

This principle is something that is important to exercise in all forms of online casino gaming, not just with welcome bonus offers, but with every aspect. While slots, bingo, blackjack etc. can be a lot of fun, and can make you some decent cash if you’re lucky enough, nothing is guaranteed. So, if you feel like you’re not having fun with it anymore, then maybe it’s getting to the time to nip it in the bud. Until then, have fun and good luck, punters!

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