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When it comes to finding the right online casino site or pay by mobile slots for you, there are many factors to consider. New players might choose a casino based on their selection of slot games. This stands to reason because players are more likely to deposit money to play casino games that they actually enjoy as opposed to those they do not. But there are hundreds of different slot games out there. How can you ensure that your online slots are truly unique?

Perhaps a player prefers their casino games to pay out well. A high RTP rate is sure to hook new players. After all, who doesn’t want a highly rewarding gaming experience? However, no matter how much you crank up the RTP rate, you cannot guarantee that a player is going to win. Slot games are based on luck after all.

There is another way to bring new players over to a casino site. By offering certain bonuses, you are giving the player a reason to sign up to an online casino and play your casino games. Bonus features that benefit them. You could offer free spins, deposit bonuses, non-deposit bonuses and many more options. But which is the best one to use at an online casino.

We will look at bonus offers from all over the gambling community from online sites to old brick-and-mortar casinos to see which online offer is best for both players and online casinos. Even slots developers are getting in on the action by offering their own bonuses. What is the best online casino bonus? Let’s find out below or join now to play.

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What is a no deposit casino bonus?

A no deposit bonus is a strategy used by many online casinos. When new players sign up to a casino they can be offered this bonus.

There is not much to explain when it comes to a no deposit bonus as it is quite self-explanatory. It gives the player a small amount to play casino games with, without them having to put down a deposit of their own real money.

A no deposit bonus can take many different forms. A casino site may give players a certain amount of free spins on one of their slot games or spread out these free spins over their entire catalogue. This allows new players to browse through the casino and try out a variety of casino games without losing anything. For example, an online casino may offer new players 10 free spins for signing up to their site. The player may distribute these free spins across several slot games and, if they win, might want to put a real deposit down to keep playing.

Another popular use of the no deposit bonus is the fixed cash sum. This takes the form of a certain amount of money that is gifted to the new players in which they can use to peruse through different casino games. This bonus can be as little as 10p or as much as £40, or more. The bonus funds are set by the individual online casino. Just like with the free spins bonus, it allows players to try out some of the slot games at the casino to find one that they enjoy or can win on. With so many ways to win out there it would be hard not to find that rush.

A no deposit casino bonus gives players a way to try out different casino games and allows the casino to show off their games. It is a win-win for both parties.

What is a deposit bonus?

On the other hand, we have the deposit bonus (Full Ts and Cs Apply). This is another bonus that is awarded to players to get them playing slot games but it requires them to deposit real money to get the bonus.

One such deposit bonus is a deposit match. When you sign up to an online casino, one way they may reward you for choosing their site is by matching the deposit that you put down to start. For example, if you put £20 in your online casino account, the casino may add an additional £20 on top of this to match what you have paid. This matched deposit is completely free and gets players spinning on slot games for longer.

Another example of a deposit bonus is a reload bonus. This is only used by casino sites to bring back players that haven’t logged on to their site for a certain period of time. It prompts the player and reminds them of the casino site as well as offering them an amount of money to play with if they log back in and make another deposit. A reload bonus is targeted at existing players and gets them playing your casino games again.

No deposit bonus vs deposit bonus

Now that we understand what both a no deposit bonus and a deposit bonus are, which one should you be looking for?

Well, with a no deposit bonus you aren’t putting down any real money. This means you can play at a casino without losing anything. Also, you do not need to provide any personal details like your bank information to get going. This is a huge advantage for anyone that is worried about online security. Always read the terms and conditions but you are secure at an online casino when electing to use a no deposit bonus.

However, a downside to a no deposit bonus is that casino sites do not always allow you to withdraw any money that you win. This stands to reason as casino sites could lose thousands from new players signing up and winning but it is still negative for the player. But, with the free spins bonus, there is a way around this.

If you have 10 free spins and play a casino game that rewards players with additional free spins, you can actually win real money on a free spin that you earn in-game. It is a roundabout way of doing things and is quite limited in the amount that you can win but a bonus is still a bonus all the same. By taking advantage of the different bonus rounds, you can hopefully earn some money.

With a deposit bonus, this is not the case. Since you are playing slot games with real money, you can be rewarded with real money even if you spin with the deposit that was matched by the casino site. There is no need to dig through various casino games to find one you can take advantage of. With a deposit bonus it is as easy as putting down your bet and playing.

It also means that the casino is still getting something out of their offer.

A deposit bonus is quite risky. You can play slots for hours and still not win anything. Or, worse yet, you might have to pay and lose at several slot games before discovering one that you enjoy. It really is a double-edged sword.

When comparing a no deposit bonus to a deposit bonus one thing becomes clear. The no deposit bonus is designed with new players in mind. They can use their bonus to try out casino slots and see if it is something they would enjoy. Whereas a deposit bonus is something designed for existing players. They know what slots they like and therefore need a bonus that will keep them dedicated to an online casino or bring them back into the fold.

There is something else that we need to consider when comparing no deposit bonuses and deposit bonuses. That is wagering requirements.

Wagering limits on Casino Bonuses Online

What is a wagering limit? Well, it is a requirement that players need to meet to take advantage of a deposit bonus.

To receive the matched deposit casino bonus, a player may be required to deposit a minimum of £20 of real money. What if a player has only allowed themselves £10 to gamble within 3 days? Or can only use that money or 7 days.  Sadly, they do not get to use this bonus.

As with the reload bonus, you need to already have been signed up to the online casino for a specific period of time before you receive the prompt. That too is a wagering requirement. This can take up to 7 days or months to kick in. It is up to the casino site. Make sure you thoroughly read through the terms and conditions before committing to a deposit bonus.

If you take a look you will see that there is much more you need to consider when looking for a deposit bonus. They really are catered for seasoned casino players rather than new players.

Whether you prefer a no deposit or deposit bonus, you have to admit that both add so much to the overall online gaming experience. What about those that have yet to jump on board with online casino sites? Are there offers for both online casinos and brick-and-mortar casinos?

Online casino offers Vs Brick and Mortar casino offers

Now we know exactly what casino sites offer in terms of bonuses, but what about the good old brick-and-mortar casinos. They have been a staple for casino-goers since the very beginning. Surely they must be desperate to reward loyal players.

There are offers at these types of casinos but there aren’t as many as those found online. One such bonus is a cash-back offer. This is an agreement made by the casino and the player when entering. It could mean that a player will receive a certain amount of the money they deposit into a casino game back if they do not win after several tries. Or, it could mean that some of the money they bet in a game is paid as a bonus on top of what they win. It is a varied casino bonus.

You can also encounter a first deposit bonus. This bonus means that players will win more than the stated stake in a game if it is their first deposit.  You can use this on slot machines or other casino games. This is a free bonus and can mean that players are rewarded for using a specific land casino by winning much more than they would anywhere else. It adds something in terms of ways to win but usually comes with a 1-day expiry.

As you can see, the offers available at brick-and-mortar casinos are quite limited in what they can reward players with. None of them reward players for their loyalty either. This is because there is less connection between all of the different brick and mortar casinos and therefore the experience is less streamlined. They simply cannot collectively standardise their casino bonuses.

If you google the words online casino you will be bombarded with each casino site's promotions page. This is literally the first result available from each casino site. It takes a lot of time and effort to find a bonus at a brick-and-mortar casino. Players have to visit each one individually. That is why the gambling community is gradually moving to the online space.

It is not just in the bonus offers that these two types of casinos are different. The average RTP rate for online slots stands at around 95%. That is huge no matter how much you deposit. Compare that to the 80% RTP rate offered by the brick and mortar casino and it is not looking good.

Another reason that casino games are best online is that cheating can be deterred more easily. An algorithm will shuffle cards each round so that there is no opportunity to count cards. In a regular casino, this just isn’t possible. Whilst brick and mortar casinos make sure that gaming activity is regulated they cannot utilise the same tools of an online casino to eradicate cheating completely.

Just look at the advantages for both existing players and new players outlined above from just no deposit bonus and deposit bonuses alone. Then look at the other differences. There is no way for one brick and mortar casino to match those benefits all on its own and no way to collectively create one streamlined bonus. But the no deposit online experience does not end there.

No deposit casino games

Let’s take a look at the brilliance of playing casino games with no deposit without comparing it to other bonuses for a second.

As I said before, all it takes is a quick google to find a casino site's promotions page and the amount of offers on display is endless. PBM alone is an online casino site that offers players £100 as a no deposit bonus as well as 200 free spins on top (Full Terms & Conditions Apply). As a casino site with hundreds of slots and casino games from all kinds of games developers, you are sure to find something to suit you. If you don’t, do you know what you have lost for the experience? Nothing.

There are hundreds of more sites just like pay by mobile casino with their own individual bonus offers. What’s more is that casino sites often refresh their offers after 7 days. This means that players are more likely to find a no deposit bonus to get them involved in online casino games than they would be without this no-risk element.

Still not convinced by the no deposit bonus?  Well, there is another way to play casino games with no deposit at all. Slots developers are known to put out demonstrations of their games on sites to get people to try out their new material. These demos are completely free and therefore count as no deposit casino games. You don’t have to commit to a sight to play these demos or worry about making a further deposit. Demos can be played to find out whether the slot experience is one that you may be interested in.

Now, like the other no deposit bonuses, you do not get to withdraw the money that you win on these demos but you do get the rush of a win and for some players, that is enough. Try out some demos yourself before committing to a no deposit offer at a casino site. You have nothing to lose, however some are only available to be played within 3 days but that is enough.

Other common casino bonuses

I know that it might seem overwhelming, but did you know that there are even more online casino bonuses out there that don’t revolve around a deposit?

The most common of these are loyalty rewards. Sometimes a casino wants to make sure you know just how valued you are as a customer. That is why, if you’ve been playing slots with them for a long time, they like to give you a bonus with absolutely no deposit required. This can come in the form of free spins or any other unique casino bonus. It is a great way for a casino to keep hold of the players using their service and comes at no loss for the player.

In a similar vein, a casino may offer new players a consistency bonus. This comes when you play at an online casino consistently for 3 days of registration. Again, the site might offer you free spins or other bonus features to remind the new player that their custom is valued. All without a specific deposit. Players simply rewarded for playing. That is great.

If players aren’t aware that you can google online casinos, what are casino sites to do? Well, they send out bonus codes. This is a unique code that is sent to people at random. All that person has to do is visit that casino and type in the code to redeem that bonus the only way to know what you have won is to actually go to the site. It is a brilliant way for casino sites to show what they have to offer and for players to get accustomed to the world of online slots, a world they may not have been privy to before. Make sure you check your inbox, you may already own one of these bonus casino codes.


There are so many different ways in which to engage in the world of online slots.

Before we look at those, you can visit a brick-and-mortar casino and take advantage of their bonuses. Or, like most savvy gamblers, you can try out an online casino.

There are so many out there dying for your patronage, it is hard to know where to begin. You could put down real money and receive a deposit bonus. However, this does require a proper payment and you need to meet the wagering limits. For casino sites, you also stand to lose money if a player gets particularly lucky. That means setting the starting limit for a matched deposit quite high. That could turn off new players.

Then again, you can try out some no deposit game demos. But these are only available for a limited amount of time. Usually 7 days at most.

It stands to reason then that the best bonus that an online casino can offer players is a no deposit bonus. Casino sites have the opportunity to show what slots they have on offer and earn long-time customers. Players aren’t losing anything for the sheer privilege of sampling a wide array of casino games. No deposit bonuses give both site and player the opportunity to enjoy the best of the online casino experience. Whether you are a new player or have been playing slots for years, you will always find a no deposit bonus for you.

There really is no reason not to give casino slots a try nowadays. Just make sure that you read through the terms and conditions and away you go.

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