Pay by Mobile Slots

The Pay by Mobile slots is the latest payment method that makes depositing into your casino account easy and quick. With your phone number, you can fund your casino account wherever you are to enjoy your favorite pay by mobile casino slots and other casino games. Although this payment method is relatively new, it is already trendy among players because of all its benefits; some argue that it is equally popular with free spins games! Read below to learn more what's on offer on Paybymobilecasino. 

Why Use Your Mobile?

Gone are the days when players needed to fire up the computer before they could enjoy an online casino game or mobile slot. Now, there are hundreds of slots that are available for use on your mobile devices like your tablet or smartphone. Whether it's an iPhone or an Android, you can download online slots and casino games on your phone. The games have been optimized for small screens, and many of them still retain high definition graphics either way. Wherever you are, you can spin reels, play blackjack and other popular casino games. Since these games are available on your mobile device, it's only reasonable that the payment method is made easy.

Using the deposit by mobile method is very easy and convenient. All you have to do is register with your phone number and have the money added to your phone bill at the end of the month. You don't have to bring up your credit card details every time you want to make a payment, and you can do everything with your phone. As you play your favorite mobile slots on your phone, you can also make the payments with your phone bill. Within seconds, your casino account will be funded, and you can start playing to your heart's desire.

The Pay by Mobile casino payment method is also very safe and secure. Your credit card information is not needed, only your phone number, and so your banking information will remain safe.

To enjoy the best from your mobile slots and casino games, you need a payment method that is convenient, quick, secure, and safe. The best payment method you can try out today is the Pay by Mobile phone bill.

How to Use Pay by Mobile Phone Bill - Boku

It is easy to use the pay by phone bill casino option. The process can be done in a few minutes, and you don't need to provide your credit or debit card information, or information from other payment platforms like PayPal. Instead, you can fund the account with your phone bill.

When you want to use a Pay by Mobile casino, you will be greeted with the logo of Boku. This is the official Payforit intermediary that allows you to use the deposit by mobile payment method.

Depositing money into your casino account with your phone bill is similar to making calls with your phone and getting charged for it. Boku is the payment platform that allows you to connect your casino account to your phone bill. Here, as you fund your account, the amount you spend will be added to your phone bill. If you pay the bill monthly, it will be added to the bill, and if you use the Pay as You Go option, the amount you spend will be taken out of the credit on your phone. This is why this method is referred to as really easy.

There are two payment options that you will come across when using Boku. The first is the deposit option, which allows you to make payments using direct carrier billing technology. The second is the payment option, which is advisable. This option is simply the payment process explained above where, through Boku, you can fund your casino account by connecting it to your network provider.

Boku is straightforward to use and efficient. It takes about ten seconds to complete a deposit transaction when using Boku. This is because it uses the 1-tap process when it comes to payment. When you pick this as your payment method, you're good to go. You will be asked to confirm the amount.

Boku is available on all UK phone numbers. All of the major phone network operators have partnered with Boku for players to get the best out of casino pay by mobile. They have more than eight million customers, so you can rest assured that they are safe and preferred among the mobile slot and casino game players in the UK.

You can even use your BT landline for your pay by mobile casino payment option. It is the same thing as using a smartphone. Although it is safe and secure, the most preferred and advised choice is to use Boku. You can easily monitor your payments with the receipts and fund your account within ten seconds.

Here are the steps to follow when using Boku as pay by phone casino to enjoy your casino games and mobile slots.

  • Firstly, check out the payment platforms available in this online casino. You will see the Pay by Mobile option. This is what you should select.
  • Your selection will take you to the payment page. Here, you will need to provide your phone number and the amount that you want to deposit into your casino account. The Pay by Mobile casino option places a limit on the amount you can deposit every day. This limit is £10.
  • When you provide this information, Boku will send a text message to the phone number you provided, asking you to confirm the payment. This is simply for security purposes, and there are no charges placed on this. The payment process is fast and will reflect quickly.
  • When you confirm it, you are free to enjoy playing mobile slots and casino games on your favorite casino pay by mobile. Depending on the plan you follow with your service provider, the cost will be removed from your bills.

Boku will also send you a receipt letting you know if the payment is successful or if it failed. All players that are interested in using a pay by phone bill casino can use Boku. There are no restrictions. You can use it with any mobile device that is connected to the internet, from smartphones and tablets to laptops and even a Smart TV. If you don't want to use the phone number on your smartphone, you can provide the number you wish to use and only initiate the payment on the smartphone. The costs will be deducted from the number that you provided, even if it's not a smartphone.

As long as you’re using a UK phone network operator, you can make use of Boku as the deposit by mobile option and fund your casino account. This is the best way to enjoy your favorite mobile slots and casino games without having to worry about sluggish payments and stressful processes.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pay by Mobile Slots and Pay by Mobile Casino

Seeing as the pay by phone bill casino option is relatively new to a lot of casino players and mobile slots lovers, here are some of the questions that you might have. This will make it easier for you to use and enjoy the best pay by mobile casinos, primarily through Boku.

  • Are Casino Bonuses Affected?

Even with using the deposit by mobile option on this Pay by Mobile casino, you will still enjoy the best bonuses that we offer. New players will get the welcome bonus, which allows them to play with free spins and win big while existing players can get rewards from time to time. Pay by Mobile casino will still offer the best bonuses, whether you're using your mobile phone or not. You can even get exclusive bonuses for using the pay by phone casino option.

  • Are There Charges to Consider?

When using Boku or another payment option in your Pay by Mobile casino, there are little to no charges placed on your deposits. You can read the terms and conditions of the casino and payment platform for more information.

  • Is It Possible to Withdraw With Your Phone Bill?

The options for withdrawal are different from that of depositing. To withdraw, you can simply input your credit card, debit card or PayPal details, or any other information from the payment options offered. Then, the casino will quickly fund your bank account with your winnings.

  • Can I Play All the Slots if I’m Using Phone Bill?

There is no limit to how many mobile slots you can enjoy on the Pay by Mobile casino site. Even with this new payment option, you can still enjoy hundreds of mobile slots, table games, and other casino games offered.

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