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The world is going handheld these days. Whether you like it or not, everybody is switching from laptops or desktop computers to smartphones and tablets, as you can get the same level of processing power in a phone that you can do from a laptop these days. Plus, the graphics are amazing on the latest phone devices, so there is no need to compromise on quality anymore to take the slots on the go.

The vast majority of online casino games are available to play on mobile phone devices these days, as developers are realising that not as many of us want to sit down at a computer and play slots. So, older slots have been reformatted for mobile and new slots are being made using the coding format of HTML, which means that they can be played on both smartphone and computer in the best of quality.

Not only can you play with your UK mobile phone, you can pay by phone these days. Thanks to the likes of Pay by Mobile Casino, you can make a deposit at a deposit casino using real money that comes from your phone bill. We’ll explain how that all works shortly.

In fact, there are entire pay by mobile casino sites dedicated to pay by phone these days. We call these ‘pay by phone casino’, ‘pay by mobile casino’, ‘phone bill casino’, ‘mobile phone casino’ or ‘mobile casino sites’ to name a few. The terminology make look a little confusing at first glance, but actually when you get underneath the surface of it all then it really does make life a lot easier for a lot of punters, and this article is going to break down exactly how that can be the case.

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What is Pay by Phone Casino?

Pay by phone casinos are sites that allow you to pay by mobile phone for your deposit to play casino games. It’s a new deposit method that stops you from having to faff around with your credit card details such as a 16-digit credit card number, security code, expiry date etc. so that you can waste less time sorting out your payment method and more time on the slots.

The only time you’ll ever need your card details when opting to pay via your phone is the time at which you actually sign up for your phone contract, or when you pay to top up your account as a Pay as you Go customer. Phone bill casinos allow you to place a deposit using your mobile phone, and therefore pay by phone bill, so long as it is a UK mobile.

Can I Deposit Using my Phone Bill?

The ability to deposit by phone bill makes life so much easier, and there are a couple of ways in which you can do this.

If you are a Pay as you Go customer, to deposit by phone bill would be to use your credit in order to pay by phone bill. This means that when you top up your Pay as you Go tariff, you’ll need to make sure that you put enough credit on your device to make a deposit on the pay by phone slots.

To pay by phone bill as a contract customer is slightly different, as any of the deposits that you make using pay by phone will simply come from your next phone bill. The phone bill option is great in terms of its ease, but just make sure that you allow for this when budgeting for the month, as your money will be coming from somewhere different of course. To bill pay by phone means that the money will come out of your bank account later than normal, so just keep an eye on that.

So, what’s so good about being able to pay via phone? Well, it’s easy to use, primarily. You don’t need to input all of your card details every time anymore, so if you’re the sort of player who likes to skip from site to site and take advantage of all the amazing signup bonus offers out there in order to max out on bonus credit, then this is going to save you a lot of time moving forwards.

Other Common Deposit Methods

Other than paying by mobile, you can still of course pay by credit card despite the hassle of it. Other cool ways to save a bit of time include Apple or Android Pay and PayPal. If you stay signed into these, you don’t need to worry about typing in a whole bunch of card details every time that you want to make a deposit, so if Pay by Mobile isn’t quite right for you then you can check these deposit methods out instead.

Welcome Bonus Credit Offers

Knowing about the different deposit methods is useful as it is worth finding out which one that suits you, so that if you want to go bonus surfing you can save a whole bunch of time. Making the most of casino bonus credit is a good thing to do, but it does come at a bit of a risk, so try not to get carried away with it.

Bonus credit can come in the form of free spins, or extra spins as they are sometimes referred to. Bonus credit extra spins, sometimes also referred to as bonus spins, are

How Can I Withdraw my Funds by Using my Phone?

Just because you deposit by phone, it does not mean you to have to withdraw by phone. Paying by phone bill is great and all that, but if you hit the jackpot, you’re not exactly going to want to have thousands of pounds worth of credit, no matter how much you love to pay by phone bill.

Luckily, you can withdraw directly to your bank account, as is the classic way to use online casino. To save you from having enough calls, texts and data to last thousands of years, you simply need to put in your account number and sort code and request to withdraw your winnings directly to your account. There are some light restrictions to apply to this which vary from casino to casino, so have a look into this, but more often than not you should have no problem withdrawing cash to your bank account for free.

Can I Play Slots with my Phone?

The majority of slots these days are available to play by mobile phone. The market for mobile slots grows all the time as is the nature of the world and everything becoming more and more portable. Casino games developers know that if they don’t make their games available to play via mobile, then people just aren’t going to want to play them as much as they used to.

Let’s take a look at some of the best slots that you can play using your mobile phone. These are slots that we have handpicked based on a combination of factors, including the overall gameplay of the slots, the amount of free spins and other bonus features on offer, and the RTP, hit rate and max win. All of these criteria are super important when it comes to deciding upon which slot to play, and we feel that the following slots have a decent balance of all of these things.

The first of these, that we love purely for the fact that it has such a ridiculous amount of free spins on offer, is Samurai Splitz. This slot actually boasts the highest number of free spins of any slot game in the world - there are no less than 480 free spins on offer right here. Realistically, achieving that top level of free spins is easier said than done but along the way, there are going to be plenty of free spins to collect, too.

Another slot that we absolutely love comes from one of our favourite online casino game developers in the world, Yggdrasil Gaming, and the slot itself is one of their latest efforts, entitled Blood Wilds. Blood Wilds comes packed with wicked bonus features and bonus spins. These free spins come with a load of multipliers and different forms of wilds attached to them which makes things a lot more interesting, and all of this is packaged in a super cool, spooky theme that you just cannot help but to love.

Last but by no means least, we really recommend having a look at the mighty Centurion Megaways. It’s a reimagined version of a classic, this time brought back to life by the guys at Inspired Gaming. If the original wasn’t exciting enough for you, then this one comes with all kinds of free spins and different bonus games packed within it, wicked a wicked Ancient Roman gladiator theme. As well as this, the slot uses the iconic Megaways engine, developed by Big Time Gaming, which when at full force has a ludicrous 117,649 ways to win on offer.

Safety and Security with Casinos on my Phone

Regardless of your payment method, online casino is safe and secure. Any site that is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission is guaranteed to be safe and secure, and you can find out whether a particular casino is or not by having a look at their website, usually in the ‘about’ section or right at the bottom of the homepage.

For extra security, you can have the casino send you text messages to let you know when you are getting close to a self-allocated deposit limit. If you are the kind of player who has a tendency to get carried away with how much money you are spending on casino deposits, then this is something that we fully recommend.

When you are making deposits using your mobile phone, it can be difficult to stay on top of how much money you are spending at the best of times, so being able to have the occasional text message reminder to give you a reality check from time to time can be extra important when using this particular deposit method.

A lot of casino sites will cap your mobile deposit at £30 per day. So, if you go to make a deposit having already spent £30 a day, you will no longer be able to place said mobile deposit. You can have the casino send a text message to you when you are getting close to your limit, so that next time you go to make a deposit you do not get caught out, but just make sure that you have the right mobile phone number in there or you will not be able to receive the text message.

There are, of course, ts and cs apply when paying via your mobile.

Paying via your mobile for welcome bonus offers have particular ts and cs apply attached to them.

Where to Find Pay by Phone Online Casino?

You have to make sure you’re finding the right casino bonuses when you make a deposit, it’s part of the fun. Casino deposits kind of have to come with casino bonuses, regardless of whether you are making said deposits by phone credit or not. New players are in the driving seat here.

New players = free spins in online casino, and even if you want to play other casino games that aren’t slots, you can have free gos on them if you play your cards right.

Pay by Mobile Casino Welcome Bonus

The best pay by phone casino sites are the ones that are dedicated to the craft, namely Pay by Mobile Casino itself. It’s a new pay by phone site that allows you to pay via your mobile. Mobile casinos are becoming increasingly popular, but Pay by Mobile Casino has all bases covered, and comes with a cool welcome bonus, too.

That welcome bonus available to new players at Pay by Mobile Casino UK with their first deposit is access to the fantastic Mega Reel. Simply place a deposit of £10 or more to get onto this, and you’ll be able to spin the wheel which will give you a random bonus.

This bonus can be bonus spins - up to 500 free spins to play on Starburst in fact. It’s one of the best slots ever so having the chance to play it up to 500 times for free is something you do want to miss out on.

That being said, it’s not a guaranteed prize, but if you do fall short of it the consolation bonus prizes is far from poor. There are more bonus spins to be earned - up to 50 free spins to play on Fluffy Favourites for example. Developed by the Australian team Eyecon Gaming, this slot tells the story of a crazy cartoon sheep who gets up to all kinds of adventures.

Even if you don’t manage to win any bonus spins at all, you can still end up with a £10 Amazon voucher, and considering the fact that you will still get to keep hold of your initial £10 deposit, this does not seem like such a bad thing at all.

It’s worth remembering that no free spins or Amazon voucher are guaranteed, and you may end up with no bonus at all. But, you will still have that £10 deposit to use on some of the best slots and bingo games on any casino on the internet, and that is something to be excited about in itself.

There are also further ts and cs involved when it comes to the Mega Reel, that you will need to read in the ts and cs section of the bonus information page on Pay by Mobile Casino website. Make sure that you do this at all times, as you do want to feel caught out by the bonus or the casino - it can have the potential to ruin the fun a bit.


So, no more messing around with card details. Get right into the action with no time wasted using mobile casino pay. Switch your payment method today to phone bill pay and start paying by phone bill to make your first mobile casino deposit at Pay by Mobile Casino, and take advantage of the awesome welcome bonus, too, so long as you’re one of the new players. There could be a lot of free spins waiting for you after a phone bill deposit. Remember, ts and cs apply.

Ensure you sign up with the right phone number at all times, as the wrong phone number could cause account complications and stop you from receiving your text messages when you are nearing your casino deposit limit.

All of that aside, the most important thing is to stay safe, have good luck and have some fun at the casino, no matter how you choose to place your deposit.