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If you love playing a game of online roulette then you are certainly not alone. It is arguably one of the most glamourous casino games out there on the market, and a form of the game has been around for hundreds of years. This just proves that it has really stood the test of time. Roulette began as a game played in land based casinos, pubs and clubs but now you have the freedom to play online. This is thanks to the casino world moving into the online space.

There are actually many different versions of the game now, such as French roulette, European roulette and American roulette. This article will provide you with your complete guide to the game. We are going back to the beginning to look at the history behind the game, examining the rules, payouts and more. If you would like to play online roulette then you can log into Pay By Mobile Casino. However, if you are new to the roulette world then you should consider gathering all the information you can before you begin playing. If you don't fancy roulette, check out some of our pay by mobile slots instead!

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How do you play roulette?

We are getting right back to the basics first and explaining the rules of roulette. The roulette wheel for French and European roulette has 37 different sections. 18 are black, 18 are red and there's also a zero in the colour green. In American roulette you will notice that there are 38 sections of the roulette wheel and it includes a double zero. In roulette games there are different rounds, and a ball needs to be spun around the outside of the roulette wheel. As you may expect, it will then land on one of the numbers. It is up to the player to decide where they think the ball will land. You aren't restricted, as you can place a number of bets at once.

Playing the game online could not be easier, and the interface is set out so simply. One quick click of a button and you can make your choice known. For example, you click on Spin to begin and confirm any bets you have made. The Double button will automatically double your bet, while Undo will get rid of it. The Rebet button allows you to alter your betting position and there's also a Double/Spin and Rebet/Spin option. Make sure that you sign up to Pay By Mobile Casino for some of the best roulette games on the market right now.

What are the bets?

If you want to play online roulette then it is vital that you understand the difference between inside bets and outside bets. We will firstly examine inside bets.

Inside bets: if you use this betting strategy then you are betting on the side of the roulette table. This form of bet carries a larger payout but a smaller chance of landing a win. There are actually six different types of this bet. In the Straight Up you are placing your bets on one number and in the Split bet onto two adjoining numbers. In the Street bet you are betting that the ball will land on three numbers that fall on a horizontal line. The Trio bet is self explanatory as you can bet on double zero, two and three, or single zero, one and two. The Square/Corner bet sees you bet on four numbers that land in a square shape on the roulette table. And finally, the Six Line bet is the combination of making two Street bets.

Outside bets: if you opt for this bet then your odds of landing a win are higher but your payout is lower. Let's go through the six different types of outside bets. The first bet sees you bet on the numbers 1 till 18, the second 19 till 36 and the third on red or black. This is one of the simplest bets you can make as you are guessing on what colour you think the ball will land. You can also bet on whether you think the number will be odd or even. In dozen bets you are betting on one out of three possible outcomes and in the column bet on a vertical line of numbers.

What are the payouts in roulette?

So what about the payouts from online roulette? Let's take a look at what a successful bet can pay you. We will begin with inside bets payouts.

Straight Up: 35:1.

Split: 17:1.

Street: 11:1.

Corner: 8:1.

Five numbers: 6:1.

Six numbers: 5:1.

Here are the outside bets payouts:

Red/Black: 1:1.

Odd/Even: 1:1.

Low/High number bet: 1:1.

Column bet: 2:1.

Dozen bet: 2:1.

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The history of the game

In this section we are going to examine the origins of roulette. It is believed to have been invented by a man called Blaise Pascal. He was a French mathematician and inventor, and he actually invented the gamed by accident for he was trying to create a perpetual motion machine! This was way back in 1655, and despite the fact that he failed in his original quest he managed to create one of the most beloved casino games ever. Roulette wheels are not the same as what we are used to today, as the single zero didn't exist until the nineteenth century.

When the game moved into France in 1842, a single zero was added to roulette wheels. King Charles III of Monaco is known to have played this version of the game! This is so important as adding the zero to roulette would give the House a larger edge. Roulette was not just played among royalty though, as it moved into the general public. This created a lot of money for Monaco who were struggling financially at the time. It was then time for roulette to go on its travels to both England and America. It reached America during the 1800s and this was where the double zero would be added to the roulette wheel, taking the amount of numbers up to 38. This made the House edge higher, but it didn't seem to detract players from going to the casino for their roulette fix. Make sure you head to Pay By Mobile Casino today for some games of online roulette.

What number hits the most in roulette?

This is quite a common question among roulette players, and it's an interesting topic. It is widely regarded that the numbers 7, 17, 23 and 24 are the most common roulette numbers. But why? Let's being with the number 7, it is considered to be one of the most lucky numbers, and this is why people bet on it. 17 is considered to be the best number to bet on, due to it being in the middle of the roulette wheel. This is the number that hits the most in roulette. Finally, numbers 23 and 24 are popular as they are close numbers on the roulette.table. They are considered two of the best numbers to bet on after 17. So what are you waiting for? You can try your luck at these numbers by playing roulette over at Pay By Mobile Casino.

Should you avoid any numbers in roulette?

We have covered numbers considered to be lucky in roulette, but what about unlucky numbers? Well, unlucky 13 is not considered a lucky number for many casino players. The number 6 is considered unlucky, as is zero due to it being alone on the roulette wheel. Finally, 34 is thought to be unlucky due to its position. However keep in mind that this is the feelings of roulette players and is not absolute fact. You should bet on the numbers you want and the ones that you feel the most comfortable with.

Can you really win at roulette?

You can win big by playing roulette, so what are the best odds? Well, it will depend on the type of bet you make. The highest odds pertain to a single number bet, as they carry a payout of 36:1. Whereas the payouts for red/black or odd/even numbers carry low odds of 1:1. So how can you improve your chances of landing a big payout? We have listed our eight best strategies. Keep reading to discover how to make the most out of your roulette games.

Decent casinos: playing at a licensed and regulated online casino is of paramount importance. After all, signing up to an online casino involves you sharing some of your most personal details, such as your address, email, banking details and more. This is what makes Pay By Mobile Casino a perfect choice for your next online roulette game. They also have the approval of casino players, and this is one of the highest forms of praise.

Select the right variant of roulette: if you really have your eyes on that high payout then we recommend that you play European Roulette. This is due to the fact that the odds are more favourable to the player as opposed to American roulette.

Use strategy cards: roulette strategy cards can be extremely useful for casino roulette players, especially beginners. They inform you how to bet, when is best to bet and when to admit defeat. We would recommend that experienced roulette players also make use of them, as it never hurts to brush up on your roulette knowledge. What's more, you could learn something new that could be the key to your success!

Control your betting: let's face it, you've probably heard this piece of advice hundreds of times already. However we always believe it is worth mentioning. Not betting more than you can afford is the responsible thing to do, and it ensures that you maintain a level of control over the roulette game. This is why playing at the online casino Pay By Mobile Casino is responsible, as they have safe gambling measures in place. You can take breaks from roulette and any other casino games. This is of vital importance, as sometimes taking a much needed break can prevent you from chasing your losses. We would advise making smaller bets, as this keeps you in control. Also take things slowly, and every time you make a new bet sit back and consider what you are doing.

Control your alcohol intake: there's nothing worse than winning at roulette because you have your wits about you, for it to all go down the drain because you end up drinking too much. Keeping a clear head may seem like a simple winning strategy, but we can guarantee that it will greatly improve your odds of winning your roulette game.

Consider using the outside bets: we recommend using this betting strategy as it is more likely that you will land a win. This could mean more regular wins for you and even though the payouts are lower than the ones from inside bets, they can add up. Plus there's less risk involved for those of you that prefer a more relaxed roulette game.

Play roulette for free: playing any casino game for free before playing with your real money is a great way of honing your skills without losing any of your cash. We recommend that roulette beginners definitely do this, as it is a stress free gambling experience. It is also a good idea to play for free if you are changing variants for the first time. For example, if you are only used to playing American roulette and you are playing European roulette for the first time then first see if you can play for free.

Consider using the En Prison rule: this betting strategy only relates to European roulette. Your money is essentially placed in prison if the ball lands on the zero. The bet will move with you to the next spin and if you win you will get your money back. We would advise roulette beginners to avoid this strategy and stick to the simpler betting strategies. After all, confidence in roulette is key.

Final Thoughts on Roulette

That is our complete guide to playing online roulette. It is one of the most glamorous casino games that you can play, and this itself attracts players to the game. It has a long and fascinating history to the game; it is especially interesting that roulette was one of the driving factors in boosting the economy in Monaco. It just goes to show that casino gaming really does have the power to create serious amounts of money! The fact that you can now play roulette online is really freeing, as you can get your roulette fix while you are on the go or while you spend some time at home.

Roulette is a fairly fast paced game, but we consider it to be fairly easy to follow once you get the hang of things. We would recommend that you fully learn the rules, betting strategies and payouts before you begin though. This is important due to the different variants of roulette. You can win big by playing roulette games, but sometimes it is best to play it safe in terms of your betting strategies. For example, we suggest that you stick to outside bets where you can as this can see you land regular wins, which can add up to some decent payouts. Of course, you should always play at a licensed and regulated casino as well and this is where the online casino Pay By Mobile Casino comes into play. We suggest that you play some roulette games over there right now and test out your new found roulette knowledge.

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